Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eating vegetarian in Hong Kong

On our way home to India, the hubby and I took a slight detour to the charming islands of Hong Kong for a mini vacation before the real one. I really had no idea what to expect of Hong Kong. Since I'm on vacation, I'm in no frame of mind to regale you with stories of our enjoyable adventures in Hong Kong. Instead, I will just give you a pictorial tour of our forays into vegetarian eating on this cluster of islands in the South China Sea. The most memorable among these experiences were our visits to the many "wet markets" of Hong Kong to gawk at pickled eggs packed in dirt and the tiniest bok chois known to man...

...and of course the sumptuous all-vegetarian feast at Po Lin monastery on Lantau Island.

Hong Kong also boasts many bakeries and coffee shops that display beautifully decorated cakes in their windows. Unfortunately, the sight of a camera promptly results in a gruff "No photos" admonition in most of these bakeries, so please pardon the weird angles on some of the surreptitiously snapped pictures.

...and yes, the macarons craze has not spared Hong Kong either. The displays at this "Madeleine de Proust" shop in one of Kowloon's subway stations was so pretty. And for once, the sales person was more than happy for us to take pictures.

With that, I sign off with promises of more food pictures and stories from my extended vacation. Do keep the comments coming, as the giveaway is still on!


  1. Looks like you enjoyed your visit to Hong Kong. I love the photos, especially of the open air markets!

    1. Thanks Reva. Was sick through most of Hong Kong, but it certainly was a fun trip, regardless.